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Gold Coast Photography Workshops.

Workshops run for approximately 2 hours. They are designed to help you further your photography knowledge and experience relating to a specific subject.

A full day photography course will certainly improve your skills and photographs.

However, if you don't put your new skills into practise, and make them a habit, there won't be a natural workflow. You will miss photo opportunities, or just resort to using 'AUTO' and taking average photos.

Workshops are an ideal way to reinforce what you learnt during a Photography Course, and improve your expertise in an area of Photography that you find interesting and enjoyable.


Sunrise Workshop - 2 hours
Sunset Workshop - 2 Hours
Model Workshops
  •  Gold Coast Sunrise

    Gold Coast Sunrise

  •  Gold Coast Seaway Sunrise

    Gold Coast Seaway Sunrise

  •  Sunrise at The Spit - Gold Coast.

    Sunrise at The Spit - Gold Coast.

For more information, or to discuss your requirements, you are welcome to call 0414 279 377.