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Gold Coast Sunrise Photography Workshops (PSSR)

Intermediate - Advanced Level.

Sunrise Workshops

Spectacular images are taken just before, during and after sunrise. These are two - three hour workshops where you will learn the magic of photography at Dawn, Sunrise, and the 'Magic Hour'.

Locations include -
  • Burleigh Heads,
  • Currumbin Beach,
  • The Spit (Main Beach/Seaway).

Or do them all on different days, as each location provides a unique photo experience.

Workshops are weather dependent.

1-on-1 Workshops are also available if needed.

Workshop Fee $195.00

About the Sunrise Workshop.

  • Meet at the pre-arranged location 20 minutes before sunrise
  • Discussion about which lens to use and why
  • Explanation of settings required for sunrise photography
  • Camera technique
  • Composition and image structure
  • Capturing silhouettes

What to Bring.

  • Camera and charged battery or two
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Memory Card
  • Tripod (optional)
  • Cable release/remote (optional)
  • Torch
  • Wide angle and zoom lenses.
  • Sensible footware

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