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It's not the camera - it's your knowledge

I'm Paul. My abbreviated history in the world of Photography.

Perhaps I was like you, once upon a time. When I purchased my first SLR camera, I told the salesperson that I did NOT want to know about all the numbers and settings - I wanted a fully automatic camera. (Sound familiar?)

He sold me an Olympus OM-10, and told me that when I was ready to improve my photography, I could purchase a 'Manual Adaptor'.

It took great photos - as long as I remembered to put the sun behind me, and the light was good. But really I was only taking ’snapshots’. (Can you relate this?)

It wasn’t long before I realised that I needed to understand a bit more about ’those numbers’ in order to achieve better results.

So I bought the adapter. That is when the adventure began….

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