Gold Coast Photography Courses.

It's not the camera - it's your knowledge

Why you should choose Gold Coast Photography Courses.

There is a huge difference between ‘telling’ and ‘teaching’!.

Anyone can stand in front of a group and simply repeat all the information that is already available to you, (there are 1000’s internet sites and books already written about photography). This is not teaching!!

Anyone can hand out notes to students about every aspect of photography. This is not teaching.

I will tell you - then I will show you. Then I can teach you.

You will learn photography.

You will understand what makes a 'Great Photo'
I was like you - once upon a time. When I purchased my first SLR (an Olympus OM-10) I told the salesperson that I did NOT want to know about all the numbers and settings - I wanted a fully automatic camera. (Sound familiar?)

It took great photos - as long as the conditions were also good, and I remembered to 'put the sun behind me'. But really I was only taking ’snapshots’. (Can you relate to this?)

It wasn’t long before I realised that I needed to understand a bit more about ’those numbers’ in order to achieve better results.

The salesperson told me that I could buy a ’Manual’ adapter for the OM-10 - so “when I was ready to start taking better photos”, I could over-ride the camera’s AUTO settings - now I was ready. That is when the adventure began…. see blog post

Photography Courses, camera courses and training for beginners through to advanced photographers since 1993.

With over 20 years experience in photography, Photoshop and teaching, I will share with you the skills you need to achieve the results you want.

With a combination of theory ("what and why") and practical sessions (“when and how"), the learning process is greatly enhanced and also more enjoyable.

Each photography class will be structured to your personal requirements and skill level.

Essential (Beginners), Intermediate Courses and Advanced Workshops.

If you:
  • are new to photography, and have a ‘Compact Camera’ or an SLR camera, then one of the ‘Essentials’ Courses for Beginners is the best for you.

  • have been using your camera for a while, but realise there is much more than ‘Auto’ or ‘Program’ Modes, and you know your camera can do much more than just be used to ‘take a picture’, or you’re not sure where to start with apertures and shutters, then the ‘Intermediate Courses’ are just what you need.

  • if you can tell me the common Apertures of your favourite lens (and their effect), the common Shutter speeds on your camera, understand the reciprocity of Apertures and Shutters, how to use exposure compensation and external flash, then you are ready for the Advanced Courses or Workshops.

Cooking and Photography are the same!

I like to equate cooking to photography. A Chef uses an oven and knives. A photographer uses a camera and lenses. However, being a Master Chef isn’t dependent on the brand or size of oven, and being a Master Photographer isn’t dependent on the brand or megapixels of the camera. The oven and the camera are only tools…..

A Chef must source the right ingredients, prepare and cook them to perfection, then know how to present the final product to the customer.

A Photographer must know how and where to source the correct lighting, subject and location, mix them together, then produce something unique to the customer.

Buying the latest greatest expensive oven will not make anyone a chef, and buying the latest greatest expensive camera will not make anyone a photographer. It all comes down to how a person uses the tools they have, their experience and their creativity.
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