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Beyond the Basics Photography Course (PSBB)

Intermediate Photography Course for DSLR and Mirrorless Digital Cameras

Learn how to take great photos of family, friends and pets, as well as how to create awe inspiring landscapes and seascapes.

Beyond the Basics Course Overview.

This one day DSLR photography course assumes you have knowledge of your camera’s functions and features, but you realise your camera is capable of much more.

1-on-1 tuition available.

Perhaps you’re not achieving the results you hoped for with your images. After all, if you are only using ‘AUTO’ or ‘P’ modes you may as well have saved your money and purchased a compact ‘point and shoot’ camera.

The course is adapted from the original “Beyond the Basics Course” I wrote for and taught at Gold Coast Institute of TAFE for 17 years.

Full Day Course: 9:30 - 4:30

Courses can be conducted anywhere on the Gold Coast. Travel charges may apply outside the Gold Coast area. Please ask.

Course Fee $290.

Morning Session

  • In depth explanation of Apertures & Shutter speeds.
  • Understanding exposure and reciprocity.
  • How your camera’s metering system works and why it fails.
  • Manual Exposure.
  • Exposure Compensation.
  • Selective metering.
  • Understanding the Histogram.
  • Filters.
  • Flash and Fill-flash.
  • Using reflectors.
  • Photographing People.
  • Photographing Scenery.
  • Shooting RAW.
  • Understanding lenses.

Afternoon Session

  • Put the morning's theory session into practice.
  • Creating portraits outdoors - selective metering.
  • Using flash during the day.
  • Using reflectors…
  • The best lenses for portraits
  • Best lenses for landscapes
  • Being creative with apertures shutters and flash.

What should you bring?

This is a solid day of education. Be comfortable and dress according to the weather and class location. I suggest you bring your own lunch, (there may not be facilities for heating food). For the course you should bring the following-
  • Camera.
  • Camera Instruction Manual.
  • Charged battery (or two).
  • Memory card/s (preferably empty).
  • Lens/s.
  • Flash. If you don’t have an external flash don’t buy one until AFTER the course.
  • Note taking materials.
  • Tripod if you have (or can borrow) one. If you don’t have a tripod don’t buy one until AFTER the course, as I will show you what features I recommend.
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