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Gold Coast Photography Courses Photo Gallery.

A photo gallery of selected images, showing various Gold Coast animals, birds and scenic attractions, with many taken during actual workshops and courses.
Sunrise, Sunset and Model Workshops are a great complement to the 1 Day Photography Courses. You can reinforce and expand your knowledge and skills for your favourite photography niche.
  •  Dragonfly at rest

    Dragonfly at rest

  •  Olympus Workshop

    Olympus Workshop

  •  Please don't leave me.

    Please don't leave me.

  •  Kookaburra


  •  Why knot! Location Workshop.

    Why knot! Location Workshop.

  •  Beauty. Olympus Workshop.

    Beauty. Olympus Workshop.

  •  Inside a resin sculptor

    Inside a resin sculptor

  •  The Mini Moke.

    The Mini Moke.

  •  Nananananananananananananana Bat.....

    Nananananananananananananana Bat.....

  •  Wattle bubble

    Wattle bubble

  •  Model Amy - student workshop

    Model Amy - student workshop

  •  Yes Grasshopper....

    Yes Grasshopper....

  •  Australian Native bee.

    Australian Native bee.

  •  Surfers Paradise stormy night.

    Surfers Paradise stormy night.

  •  Leaving!


  •  Gold Coast Main Beach.

    Gold Coast Main Beach.

  •  Music to my Eyes.

    Music to my Eyes.

  •  I can't focus

    I can't focus

  •  Across The Broadwater (Gold Coast)

    Across The Broadwater (Gold Coast)

  •  Preparation.


  •  Model Workshop

    Model Workshop

  •  Lazy Sunday afternoon at Paradise Point.

    Lazy Sunday afternoon at Paradise Point.

  •  Supermoon.


  •  Mt Tamborine Sunset

    Mt Tamborine Sunset

  • "I didn't mean to push so hard"

  •  Love Forever.

    Love Forever.

  •  Model Photography lesson.

    Model Photography lesson.

  •  Natural light model shoot with students.

    Natural light model shoot with students.

  •  Model Workshop - available light.

    Model Workshop - available light.

  •  Shady Characters

    Shady Characters

  •  Tulips in glass vase.

    Tulips in glass vase.

  •  Springbrook, Rain Forest, Green moss.

    Springbrook, Rain Forest, Green moss.

  •  Gold Coast Sunrise

    Gold Coast Sunrise

  •  Model Gold Coast

    Model Gold Coast

  •  Sunrise at Gold Coast Seaway

    Sunrise at Gold Coast Seaway

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